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It’s bloomin Sunday again which means PODCASTTTT. We’ve had a pretty wet week here in the UK, well up north we have anyway. So here’s something to brighten the week!

Guess who flew into the UK on Friday?! It’s only bloody George Kay – the long haired, sweet souled, German Synth enthusiast. (I think that’s the best into I’ve ever given anybody!). Those avid followers of us here at Made On The Road will be familiar with George Kay as of now, it’s always a joy to have him.

This is ‘Time To Talk’

We decided to take a decidedly hilarious, nail biting and entertaining trip down memory lane this week. Pulling up videos and audio of early gigs, original songs and projects. If there’s ever a week where we say you really do have to listen, it’s this week!

Here’s all the material we played for your listening and viewing pleasure- please be kind!

George Kay’s songs were purely mp3 files so what you hear in the podcast is what ya get I’m afraid, no visuals

As cringy as it might be for us to look back, it’s super cool to see where we all started. And how far we’ve come, and hopefully you see that too!

This Is ‘The News’

What’s the music news this week?

Collecting societies, publishers and rights companies across Europe have come together to agree best practice guidelines for the collection and distribution of digital music royalties. This is great news for songwriters out there, making it easier for royalties to be collected within the EU, and helping those who have royalties that go missing. Here’s a great article that explains it in detail.

This Is ‘Who Are We Listening Too’

Each week, both my self and George choose a band or artist we’re listening to at the moment, we also ask any guest to choose one as well!

Isaac Tyler – My choice this week is pop duo ‘Oh Wonder’, a great summer band

George – Lucy Whittaker’s new dance track ‘Touch’

George Kay chose Brighton based band ‘As It Is’ and Singer/Songwriter ‘Kurt Vile’

This Is ‘Affirmation’ – Impermanence

Each week we grab our favourite pack of cards, at random we pick a card out, that then turn into a little thought for the week.

This week our guest, George Kay, drew out ‘Impermanence’, although sounding like something you should be visiting the doctor about….it’s a really lovely card highlighting that nothing is permanent, good or bad. Whatever it is you’re going through, know it won’t last forever.

As ever we really do hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast, and please reach out if you want to get involved – I will be at the end of the email for any requests and or feedback –
Want to follow George & Isaac?
George Holliday – YOUTUBE // INSTAGRAM
George Kay – YOUTUBE

Make sure you go check out George Kay’s YouTube series Father & Sonthesizer.

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