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Sharing our Favourite Childhood Stories

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Oi oi! It’s Sunday again and that can mean one thing…it’s Podcast time!

This is ‘Time to talk’

A real casual one this week, we normally like to use this blog write up to elaborate on our time to talk section – but this week it’s one you really need to listen to!

I (Isaac) came up with 5 topics/questions to ask each other and we took it in turns to remember a story from our childhood that fitted the topic. For example, when did you fall in love with music? What was your first ever gig? You get the idea!

These acted as really nice conversation starters, scroll up and hit play to listen for yourself!

This is ‘The News’

Paul McCartney has hinted this week that a new album could be released of outtakes from the days of the Beatles! He described the outtakes as a ‘treasure trove’ including various ad-libed sound checks and rehearsals.

This won’t only be exciting for the die hard Beates fans out there, but an incredible insight into one of the best bands to have graced our ears. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one.

Here’s a great article that explains it more!

If you could hear previously unreleased and candid recordings of any band or artists who would it be? Imagine being able to get an insight to the writing process of Bowie, Stevie Wonder or The Stones!

This is ‘Who Are We Listening Too’

Each week, every guest on the podcast shares an artist or band they think everybody should be listening to. We’ve had some gems over the past few weeks, and this week is no exception!

Isaac – American Pop/R&B Singer Songwriter Kevin Garret

George – Manchester born and bred Mali Hayes. Here new track stay with me is bloody lush!

This is ‘Affirmation’

Each week we get out our favourite pack of cards consisting of individual statements to use as a thinking point for the week ahead.

This week we drew ‘Generosity’.

It’s important to share with those around you, no matter how much or little you have. Sharing is good for the soul! Try commit to performing one generous task everyday this week – I just shared half of my corned beef pasty with Mum, so that’s a start…

As ever we really do hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast, and please reach out if you want to get involved – I will be at the end of the email for any requests and or feedback –

Want to follow George & Isaac?

George Holliday – YOUTUBE // INSTAGRAM

Keep your eyes pealed for new midweek blog posts coming to the website soon- we can’t wait to share them with you!

Stay safe, look after each other and remember, Never Stop Creating!

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